Smoky Pasta Carbonara

Carbonara, a classic retelling of the bacon ,egg and cheese. Known also as “Coal Miner’s Pasta’ this delicious straightforward pasta dish has been a favorite of mine from the moment I tried my first bite. This recipe is my take on a classic with a twist. I use smoked bacon and Bourbon Barrel Smoked Paprika to give this pasta a strong hit of smoke to cut through the cheese and rich egg. Give this one a go if you love carbonara and smoked foods, I suggest using this pasta as a nice brunch dish or even with small gatherings/dinner parties. You can finish this table side if you use a double boiler and its fascinating to watch the eggs become the sauce!

Smoky Pasta Carbonara

Yield:2-3 Portions


  •  1 box Spaghetti or 2 portions of Fresh Pasta
  •  3 large eggs
  •  2 egg yolks
  •  1 cup Grated Parmesan(shredded works a but doesn’t melt as easy)
  •  Fresh Ground Black Pepper- To taste
  •  Smoked Paprika- Bourbon Barrel Foods brand preferred.
  •  Kosher Salt- To Taste
  • ½ lb Thick Cut Hickory Smoked Bacon- Cut up small.


  1. Cook your dry pasta in salted water and set aside. If using fresh pasta, have water boiling and ready to cook pasta.
  2.  Combine eggs, egg yolks, cheese, salt, pepper and some of the smoked paprika. Whisk until everything is combined and set aside.
  3.  Slowly Cook bacon in a cast iron skillet or medium-large pan over medium-low heat, this will help render the fat and get the bacon nice and crispy.
  4.  Remove bacon from the pan and set pan aside, cook your fresh pasta and remove from the water after 2-2 ½ minutes.
  5.  Place pan back over medium heat and add your pasta. Cook in the bacon fat for 2-3 minutes and remove from the heat.
  6.  Allow pan to cool slightly and add the egg mixture. Make sure pan is not hot enough to scramble the eggs.
  7.  Once the pasta is coated in the egg mixture, add bacon, mix and remove from the pan.
  8.  Serve by garnishing with grated parmesan, more bacon, smoked paprika and fresh ground pepper!

Note: If you are not comfortable cooking the egg mix in a pan, place a metal or heat resistant bowl over a pot of simmering water to make a double boiler, then add the pasta and egg mix to the bowl once its hot. This will help control the heat!


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