Fresh Mango Jalepeno Salsa

Fresh and simple, this mango salsa has the perfect balance of sweet and heat cut with the acidity of the lime. Perfect for eating with tortilla chips, on tacos, or even on a burger fresh from the grill. Let this be the salsa for your next cookout.




Ingredients :

  •  1 cup Fresh Mango-Diced
  •  2-3 tbsp Fresh Jalepeno- Diced
  •  3 tbsp Cilantro-Rough Cut
  •  1 tbsp Honey
  •  Kosher Salt-to taste
  •  Black pepper-to taste
  •  1-2 Large Limes- Juiced
  •  Tajin-optional
  •  ¼ cup Red Onion-Optional


  1.  Combine cilantro, lime juice and mango. Mix thoroughly
  2.  Add jalepeno to taste, adjust seasoning with pepper, salt and honey.
  3.  Add onion and tajin for an extra kick and enjoy!

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