Creamy Potato Croquettes

Yes…Yes…YES! All of my potato lovers need to try this dish asap! Croquettes are a classic for a reason, creamy, flavorful potato fried to golden perfection. This is the perfect way to make use of those leftovers. Add that leftover meats and herbs into the potato for a creative flavor combination!





Creamy Potato Croquettes


Yield: 12-18 Bites



1. Using a small ice cream scoop, form small spheres of the leftover mashed potatoes, place in the freezer for 45 minutes or until firm.

2. Heat oil in a cast iron skillet or pot to 350 degrees.

3. Season flour with salt and pepper. Scramble eggs with the water to make your egg wash.

4. Dredge potato spheres in flour, eggs and bread crumbs.

5. Place the potato spheres in the fryer oil, cook until golden brown (around 2-3 minutes)

6. Remove from the fry oil, season with smoked paprika and serve!

Tip: Get creative with the garnishes. This recipe is great with fresh herbs, jams, purees and bacon jam! Try out some different flavors!


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